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    Urban Resources

       1055 West Columbia Way Suite 110
       Lancaster, CA 93534

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Single Home/condo (up to $300K)
     -  Single Home/condo ($300 to $500K)

    Urban Resources

    We offer a wide range of services. With 24 years of licensed experience, we can provide complete satisfaction and professional services at very reasonable rates. We will bend over backwards for our clients and customers, no matter what your needs are.

    Urban Resources Philosophy

    Our management approach is simple. We are here to serve and protect our customers. Our job is to preserve and increase the value of your investment property. Good management is proactive, heading off problems before they arise. All the really big fires start out as small sparks that, if handled early, never get out of control.

    Our Proactive Approach is to avoid the obvious:

    • We do not allow unqualified residents to live in your property.
    • We use properly written lease terms. One or two changes here and there can make a huge difference between non-specific terms and a concise well written rental agreement. You don't know how valuable this is until you are standing in front of a pro-tenant judge.
    • Step in and resolve potential security deposit issues before they blow up.
    • Properly disclose environmental hazards and issues.
    • Avoid Fair Housing Law, Americans with Disabilities Act and Privacy Issue actions with proper staff training.

    In addition to these broad concepts, our ongoing and daily approach looks into the following:

    • Extensive and regular property inspections for property preservation and to avoid spurious tenant claims.
    • Inspection and supervision of renovation and repair work. We also are vigilant to oversee ongoing landscaping and property upkeep.
    • Continually monitor market for changing trends and proper pricing.
    • Prepare individual monthly reports. Question and Pay invoices as requested by owners.
    • Keep track of key insurance, tax and anniversary dates.
    • Provide 24/7 emergency response and maintenance.

    Rental properties don't "perform" unless there is a paying tenant. We strive to minimize risks and maximize return.

    • We utilize all possible marketing in tenant attraction. Print ad with well written copy, signage and referrals are "old school" proven methods. We also utilize the most modern internet marketing with engaging website content, and the latest lead capture and follow-up techniques.
    • Once acquired, we screen potential residents carefully and thoroughly. We conduct complete credit checks, look at public records for previous BK and eviction profile. We do reference verifications from employers and previous landlords. We consult public RE records to confirm true owner references from "family friends".
    • We request realistic security deposits.
    • We fully inspect the property with tenant prior to move in. This eliminates repair issues and potential tenant claims.
    • We provide information on Rules and regulations, maintenance and care of the property, rent payment procedures, office hours, local utility and service numbers and other useful information.
    • We enforce strict rent collection and lease policies.
    • We provide prompt 24 hour maintenance and emergency repair information.

    Once a qualified tenant is secured and moved in, our service to both tenant and owner continues.

    • We collect rent, deposit into FDIC insured Client Trust Account and distribute payments to owners promptly and provide accurate up to date reporting.
    • Should repairs be needed, we repair and determine if billing the tenant is appropriate.
    • If a default occurs, we promptly serve 3-Day notices. If a compromise or solution is not going to work, we commence attorney assisted unlawful detainers as appropriate.
    • We treat the tenants with dignity and respect. However, we never lose sight that this is a business, and we are here to carry out owners plan and wishes. We treat the property as if it were our own and make every attempt at maximizing owner returns.