Who Maintains and Repairs a Property

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Creative Commons License photo credit: _sarchi
A lot of people have the misconception that it’s a landlord’s responsibility to repair a rental unit and it’s the tenants responsibility to maintain it. This might actually be a good rule of thumb to live by, but it’s not a legal tenet and doesn’t apply in all situations.

All landlords should try to maintain their property as much as they can. Stay on top of tenant’s legitimate request for repairs and maintenance. To do this, it’s important that there be free flowing communication between the tenant and landlord so the landlord knows of all issues and has the opportunity to make necessary repairs.

If a property owner or manager doesn’t make the repairs in a reasonable amount of time the tenant can take some steps to remedy the situation, steps which may not meet with the landlord’s approval, so it’s important to stay on top of these concerns.

Tenants should also treat the property with great respect and do their best to maintain the unit with little or no damage. If there is harm which reaches beyond normal wear and tear the resident can expect to have their security deposit tapped for repairs.

This is another reason why tenants should make an effort to inform their landlord of any repairs that need attention. A leaky faucet may seem a minor inconvenience, but the water could be damaging the structure around the sink. The damage could be determined the tenant’s fault because they failed to report the leak.

Overall, respecting each other and the property is the best policy for everyone and makes the living situation comfortable for all.