Your Property Management Staff

Creative Commons License photo credit: Chad Jones – Gold Coast Real Tours

If you’re a landlord you know that it’s a very difficult and, at times, stressful business. You will most likely find that you need help in some form or another. Whether you’re just looking for someone to handle landscaping and snow removal or you are in need for a full time property management team, there are some things you want to keep in mind when hiring staff.

Professionals Only. Everyone on your staff should handle themselves in a professional manner. This doesn’t mean that you can’t hire the neighbor boy to weed but he needs to? know that when he is doing it he is representing you and your company.

Know the Laws. It?s not only your responsibility to know the laws that pertain to your property, but each employee should be aware of the rules that relate to their specific area. There are local and state laws covering just about everything from fair housing rules to how long the grass can be.

Courtesy. You own property but your business is really about people and if you’re renting to the best available tenants then you should treat them with respect and make sure that this is carried through all of the professionals who represent your business.

Good property owners know that hiring the best staff possible is a key step in insuring that they establish a well respected business and succeed in their field.