photo credit: Chad Jones

Whether you’re simply a homeowner or a rental property owner, when it comes time to sell (especially in the current real estate environment) you can be overwhelmed by the work involved. To make this process easier, follow the tips below to encourage a quick property sale.

Curb Appeal
Make sure the property looks nice from the outside. The drive by is what will either draw in or scare off a large percentage of your prospective audience. This is a place to even invest a little money to get the most appealing facade possible.

Neutralize Interiors
Many homebuyers don’t have a real creative eye and it’s hard for them to picture their furnishings in a fully decorated home. Take steps to remove your personal artifacts, paint walls neutral colors, and eliminate some of the clutter to make the home seem more neutral and inviting to another?s property.

Super Clean
Sure, you realize you’ve got to clean the place to sell it, but go beyond just clean to super clean. You may not notice the crud in the soap dish but prospective buyers will and it will reflect poorly on the entire home. Every inch should be sparkling clean and totally spotless.

Following the above tips will help you sell your home but they’re no guarantee of a sale. You?ll still have to advertise to reach your target market and hold open houses regularly. But with some diligence and elbow grease you’re sure to eventually make that sale.