Waldorf Astoria by D.F. Shapinsky (pingnews)
Creative Commons License photo credit: pingnews.com

Want to live high on the hog but not buy into the lifestyle? Consider renting one of world?s most expensive rental properties instead.

Necker Island

How about spending a week on Richard Branson’s Necker Island? a mere $300,000 will get you a week of lavish treatment on the island? or you could go the thrifty route and spend $46,000 for one night on Necker. Sure, it?s a lot of cash but you’ve got an entire island all to yourself.

Waldorf Towers

Maybe the isolated island life isn’t for you, you want something happening, maybe a rental in New York City. If you?d like to follow in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra and Cole Porter, then unit 33A of the Waldorf Towers is the perfect home for you, fetching a mere $120,000 a month. Quite a bargain compared to Necker Island.

Nygard Cay

If you like the idea of big city amenities but the privacy of an island toyourself, then do like Oprah does, and escape to Nygard Cay in the Bahamas. As the world?s second most expensive rental, boasting a $40,000 a night price tag during high season, this tropical oasis gives you everything you could desire. A staff of 20 will see to your whims and treat you like the big spender you are.


It may only be temporary but even a night in one of these prestigious rentals is more than the average person can afford.