Small House Movement

Not only are people going green but they’re getting smaller, or at least as far as housing they are. Those huge and uninspired McMansions of a few years back are becoming the trend that was as home owners are facing new financial issues and they’re becoming more environmentally conscious at the same time. These two huge factors are leading to more home owners looking for smaller housing so they can be more environmentally sound and leave a smaller footprint on this earth.

While giving up the huge home, people are learning to live with less, spend more time together as a family (rather than spread out throughout the home) and getting creative with ways to go green. From the very get go you’ll instantly reduce your environmental footprint by cutting down on the energy you consume. This can be a drastic reduction and the side benefit is you’ll also be saving money, a scarce commodity in these economic times.

Remarkably some people have taken the small house movement even further, rather than downsizing from a McMansion to a more traditional sized home, these people are looking to create housing for themselves that is less than 1000 square feet and in some cases much less than that. This may not be exactly perfect conditions if you have a young family, but even a modest decrease in your home size may be the economic and environmental change that makes all the difference.