National Housing Locator System

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has established a National Housing Locator System which can be found at their new website, NHLS. This website was established in response to the horrible emergency housing situation that arose after Hurricane Katrina Devastated portions of Louisiana. The HUD already had emergency disaster voucher and housing programs which are quite successful but in times of great disaster a new system was deemed necessary.

The NHLS is an internet website which is easily searchable and lists available rental housing in across the nation. HUD, State Housing Authorities, Public Housing Authorities and First Responders can quickly find emergency housing by searching the database of available rental housing and government owned single family homes.

The NHLS uses a rental housing industry standard to collect information on private and public housing providers across the nation to make sure that the property is up to a certain standard. Someone searching for information on available housing in a devastated region will be able to find properties and search the provided data until they come up with a great fit.

If you would like to add your properties to the National Housing Locator System so you can fill vacant property while helping out during a disaster, please check out their website for further information and to begin the sign up project.