How’s this for unusual vacation accommodations, Oscar Dios has converted a retired Boeing 747 into a 25 room, 85 bed hostel. The Jumbo Hostel is touted as an inexpensive alternative for travelers, but it’s actually a little bit expensive for a hostel but it’s more unique than most hostels you’ll find and the perfect vacation destination for aviation enthusiasts.

The average room is 20 foot square but with 13 foot high ceilings they seem more spacious. There are shared bathrooms except in the cockpit, which is considered the honeymoon suite and a bit more expensive. The overhead bins are still attached and ready to accommodate your luggage, all rooms have free wireless internet access and flat screen TVs which also work as arrival and departure monitors.

The highlights of the Jumbo Hostel are the upper deck lounge which is very similar to an in service 747’s lounge. In addition to stopping upstairs for a drink, guests should try out the emergency exits where they can walk out onto the wing and check out the scenery.

If you’re not sure about staying at the Jumbo Hostel you can pop in to the caf? which was once a 20-seat first class cabin. The caf? is open to the public 24 hours a day.