Create Good Rental Listings

The first step in successful property management is getting tenants interested in your property. Good rental listings are an essential part of bringing tenants in to your property. Create good rental listings by using the following tips.

Grab their Attention

Much like writing a newspaper headline, rental listings should reach out and grab the reader?s attention. Be creative and come up with a headline that would even catch the eye of someone who?s not looking to move.

Create a Visual Impression

Use descriptive words really bring the highlights of your property to life. Pump up the good points and use effective wording to seal the deal.

Provide a Visual Impression

Don?t rely on your words alone, add photos to your rental listing to get the biggest impact and to really show off the property.

Note the Neighborhood

Find something about the neighborhood to brag about. If your rentals are in a great neighborhood then let the reader know you?re located in the coveted or prestigious neighborhood X. Or advertise the close bus route which may be helpful for students, whatever appeals to your typical renter.

Remember the Basics

Don?t forget to list the basics, how many bedrooms, the rent, parking, your rules on pets, hours for the showings, lease length, your website and contact information. Include those things that most people want to know right off the bat, this will help draw the right people to you and will avoid some wasted time on phone queries.

?If you create a good rental listing that really does your property justice you?ll attract the right type of renter and you?ll be much happier in the long run.

Kristin Kizer
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