Reputation Management: The Web And Your Business

Trust is the most important factor in establishing a new business relationship. In this world of increasing online collaboration, signals you send about your credibility even BEFORE someone engages with you directly can have a huge impact on the amount of new business you receive via the web.

What's more, there are a number of barriers to providing a good first impression. The proliferation of review sources can cause you to lose control of these first impressions. Our goal at All Property Management is to provide visitors to our site with the best access to trusted, high-quality, professional management services such as yours. With that in mind, we've developed our trust badges to help you make that important first impression.

Managing your online reputation is a business imperative. Unfortunately, property management is one of those fields where review sites can put you at a disadvantage because the reviews tend to be quite polarizing. On most review sites that have property manager reviews, the number of one-star reviews outweighs even 5-star reviews with very few in-between. That's the result of many reviewers, often angry renters, who had a particularly bad experience or homeowners that had a costly misunderstanding. And in the case of those with good experiences, they seldom take the time to write reviews.

One Solution: Viable Trust Badges

Trust badges can convey an immediate sense of credibility to your business. A third party verifies if you are qualified, thoroughly tested or some other characteristic that immediately validates your business. As you probably know there is an entire industry for supplying web-based trust badges, with companies charging $1,000-$2,000 for you to display their badge on your website. With this is mind, how do you ensure that the badges you use are sufficient to get that wavering user, who is assessing you for the first time, to reach out?

At All Property Management, we can play a key role in convincing your potential customers that property managers on our site are properly licensed and that comparing among them will yield the best results for consumers. Further, we find that property managers that use our service tend to be some of the best in the business because they are actively willing to compete on value and service levels to win new customers. Therefore we offer two ways to reflect your affiliation with us:

1. Our Featured Manager badge, which signifies that you are a properly vetted and sanctioned property manager on the nation's leading property manager network; and

2. Our Visitor's Choice badge, which is awarded to our most popular firms as indicated by their volume of business with APM.

Your exposure on All Property Management's nationwide directory is just a small part of your company's online exposure. Be sure to regularly monitor your company's social media accounts and review sites and stay on top of online information about your business. Then take any necessary steps to address and correct negative comments and reviews. Try to resolve outstanding disputes in a diplomatic way. Offer solutions or discounted services to unhappy homeowners and tenants.

By keeping your online reputation clean and accurate, you'll create a higher level of trust in your business. And not just with prospective customers but also with existing customers, ensuring their continued business over the years and your continued success.

APM Admin
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