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    Aspen Property Management

       PO Box 858
       Elkton, MD 21922

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  HOA (100+ units)
     -  COA (100+ units)

    Aspen Property Management
    Aspen Property Management

    Aspen Property Management is the fastest growing full service property management company servicing Maryland and Delaware for Homeowner, Condo and maintenance Associations. We have achieved this growth through understanding the importance of a fiscally sound association and will consistently deliver on what we promise. Aspen has never been replaced by a competitor and we are proud of our reputation for providing excellent customer service to homeowners and board members alike.

    We handle all community sizes and take great care in giving each of our clients the time and attention they deserve. We are an owner operated company founded by Brad Carrillo, with experience in all aspects of property management. Our services can be catered to meet all the needs of your community. We provide full governing, financial, administrative, maintenance and community building services to homeowners and their representative associations. We will bring a willingness to guide and advise, lending our expertise, whenever needed at each of your board and community meetings.

    We understand that a financially strong association is the cornerstone to a successful community. You can expect Aspen to carefully select contractors chosen for their premium services and competitive rates to help achieve this goal.


    Association Governing Services

    • Arrange and attend meetings
    • Notify homeowners of all meetings and activities
    • Maintain minutes
    • Coordinate association inspections with the members of the review committee
    • Distribute requests to the architectural committee for approval, prepare and send out decision letters
    Business and Financial Services
    • Administer checking and savings accounts
    • Maintain and furnish a monthly and annual accounting of all funds collected and disbursed
    • Prepare an annual budget
    • Pay all approved expenses
    • Have the tax returns prepared by a certified public accountant
    • Bill and collect all homeowners dues
    Administrative Services
    • Maintain files of all correspondence, notices, bills and receipts necessary to effectively manage the association
    • Provide a 24 hr answering service
    • Maintain a register of all association members
    • Receive, investigate and respond to members' complaints and correspondence.
    • Prepare and send violation letters
    • Prepare and mail notices as the board requests

    Community Building Services

    • We would like to instill a strong sense of community and educate members on association activities.
    • Homeowner interactive website available with profiles message boards, community calendars and online bill paying.
    Property Management Services
    • Aspen Property Management knows the importance of increasing your property value. A well maintained neighborhood will bring homeowners the biggest return for the owners.
    • Advise the board of any repairs or maintenance that must be performed to keep amenities in good order
    • Supervise and oversee all maintenance of amenities
    • Prepare, solicit, award and administer all contracts necessary to maintain amenities