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    Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC

       4022 E. Southport Rd.
       Indianapolis, IN 46237

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Single Home/condo (up to $300K)

    Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC
    Visitors' Choice Award

    Do you own a condo or house that requires care and expert supervision? Are you unable to provide the necessary maintenance to your vacation house or rental property because of geographic constraints?

    Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC At Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC, we have the solution. We've been supplying Indianapolis and the surrounding areas with residential property management for over 20 years and are ready to help provide your property with the care and attention it needs.

    Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC is comprised of a group of experienced property managers who understand that your investment requires someone who can be there to fix things when they break and make sure the lawn gets watered, and most importantly, get your property filled when it's empty!

    We act as the liaisons between tenants and landlords and renters and contractors. We will perform a thorough screening on every potential tenant to ensure only the most qualified individuals are placed in your home. Once your property is filled, if something breaks, we know who to call to fix it and when your tenants need to pay their rent, we'll pick up the checks.

    We understand you can't be in two places at once and seek to protect your investment by insuring that every aspect of your property is well maintained and cared for. Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC's property management services extend to home constructions and additions as well.

    See that your property is filled and managed right. We take pride in providing a superior property management solution with a more affordable fee structure. Call the experts at Complete Real Estate Solutions, LLC today!