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    Silverside Management, LLC

       4032 Beach Drive
       Orchard Lake, MI 48325

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)

    Silverside Management, LLC

    Silverside Management LLC attracts residents with intelligent marketing and retains them by delivering a quality living experience. Operations are streamlined with the right touch of technology, costs are analyzed, and energy conservation plans are implemented as part of ongoing management. Capital investment programs are planned and executed where needed to reposition properties, or address major deferred maintenance.

     Silverside Management, LLC

    Silverside's management system is accessible 24/7 by owners, residents & property staff, providing transparency & accountability to all involved.

    The compensation structure is performance based, ensuring owners get the most for their management dollar.

    Property Management Services
    Our team approaches every property as if it were it's own. Silverside management dives into the details of the property operations, staff, residents, physical structure, and develops a plan to maximize the investment, based on owner goals. Services are divided up into the following major categories:

    Marketing & Leasing
    A marketing plan including a detailed competitive analysis, market study, resident surveys, advertising plan, brochure design, model design and decorating are completed and serve as a guide to attracting more residents with less advertising dollars. Leasing agents are trained in selling the property, screening the residents, and tracked closely to ensure that the marketing dollars = leases.

    Energy Analysis & Conservation
    Most properties have significant opportunities for energy savings. Silverside management analysis energy usage, and will put an energy savings plan together for the property. Often, significant savings can be achieved with minimal expense and a change of procedure. A conservation plan will be presented to the owner, to decide which aspects warrant investment.

    Maintenance & Resident Retention
    Maintenance procedures are established & streamlined with our management system. Accountability and customer service is achieved through training and our management culture. Better resident service and a great staff attitude equals increased resident retention.

    Collections, Book-keeping & Energy Billing
    Owners can log on anytime to view real-time property financials and an array of tailored reports. Transparency in management and an open, honest company culture allows you to rest assured that you have accurate information.

    Cap Ex Implementation & Repositioning
    In some cases, property amenities become out dated, or lack of amenities prevent the property from attracting the best residents. In other cases, long time deferred maintenance or outdated systems are driving expenses through the roof. Silverside Management offers large scale cap-ex implementation planning, while maintaining high occupancy. If your property is in need of improvements, we will navigate through the challenges of planning and implementing a successful improvement plan.