Pet Liability

| January 21, 2009 More

One misconception that has led to a lot of landlords not allowing pets on their property is that landlords are responsible if the pet injures someone. This simply is not true, the liability lies with the pet owner.

Even if your pet has never so much as given anyone the evil eye, its best to protect yourself if you???re renting. Some people just rub animals the wrong way, much as they do people, and your friendly pet may take offense and lash out at this person. Suddenly you???ve got a dangerous pet and a possible lawsuit looming. To protect yourself, get renter???s insurance and be sure to let your insurance provider know that you???ve got pets.

Each insurance policy varies, but look for one that at least gives the person fouled by your pet $500 in medical expenses (look for more if you can because if plastic surgery is involved it can get very expensive), $500 in property damage, and at least $300,000 in liability coverage.

And this isn???t just for people with man???s best friend as a pet, although dogs are most often the culprit in animal bite cases, they???re far from the only ones ever to offend. No matter what sort of pet you have, you need to protect yourself from potential lawsuits. It???s something every responsible pet owner should do.

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