Condominium & Homeowners Associations

How to Run an HOA or Condo Association Meeting

HOA and condominium board members have a lot of power. A number of court cases have upheld their authority over a wide range of communal issues within condo or development communities and even compared them to a “quasi-governmental organization.” There’s a lot of power that comes along with that. The…

Don’t Breach Your Fiduciary Duty – Complete a Reserve Study

Has your association completed a reserve study? Reserve studies are used by homeowner associations to estimate the remaining useful lives of each common area structure and amenity under their jurisdiction, calculate the cost of maintaining them over the remainder of their useful lives, and then estimate what it will cost…

Three Tasks HOA Managers Should Avoid This Spring

Spring is in full swing and the weather is becoming increasingly pleasant. Now is a wonderful time to get outdoors and be active. Here are some fun and fulfilling springtime activities you can pursue in the coming months: Join a recreational sports team: Softball. Basketball. Soccer. Kickball. These are just…

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