Condominium & Homeowners Associations

9 Best Practices for Architectural Review Boards

Your architectural review board is, in many ways, the “hot seat” of your homeowners association. Stakes are high – the board can potentially shoot down some big lifestyle-changing projects, like adding a bedroom for a child – and since very few proposed projects are exactly like projects that have been…

Does Restricting Rentals Make Sense for Your Association?

The issue of restricting residents’ ability to rent out their homes or condos is always a hotly contested one in HOAs and COAs because the interests of owner-occupants and investors are directly at odds. But as much as we’d all like to grant the maximum economic liberty to all association…

Neutralize Fires This Winter Before They Occur

‘Tis the season. Not just for holiday cheer and giving, but also for cooking fires at holiday parties, exposed candles, fireplace sparks, space heaters near flammable drapes, and Christmas lights overloading extension cords. There were about 98,000 reported apartment fires in 2013, which killed at least 325 people that year…

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