Maintenance & Repair

Are You Prepared For Winter Maintenance Emergencies?

Winter is a stressful month for rental property owners. When the weather freezes, they must occasionally spring into action, dealing with weather-related emergencies like frozen or burst pipes, broken heaters and furnaces, and iced-over driveways and sidewalks. Now’s the time for rental property owners affected by sub-freezing temperatures to figure…

Water Leak Detection Systems – A Landlord’s Best Friend

Floods and water damage can be financially devastating for landlords. But insuring against flooding can be tricky. Flood insurance is usually only available via the National Flood Insurance Program, and there are a number of exclusions to this coverage. These exclusions include the following: Damage caused by moisture, mildew or…

Rental Property Renovations and Improvements That Pay Off

If you’re looking to get a major renovation project to pay off in terms of the immediate resale value of your rental property, you’ll probably be disappointed. Return on investment by project varies for individual rental properties, of course, but a series of annual studies by Remodeling magazine indicate that…

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