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Are You Cashing in on the Hot Q3 2015 U.S. Rental Market?

One only needs to skim business news headlines to learn just how well the U.S. rental housing market is currently treating rental property owners. A recent New York Times article, “More Americans Are Renting, and Paying More, as Homeownership Falls,” explained how an average of 770,000 new home-renting households have…

Q2 2015 Rental Market Update – Are You Missing Out?

It’s common knowledge that the U.S. housing market has largely recovered from the calamity that followed the housing bubble burst of 2007-2008. However, relatively few appreciate the fact that the conditions that made the years following the bubble burst so lucrative for rental property owners are still in existence today.…

Rental Property Turned Meth Lab: Identify and Prevent

Avoid Breaking Bad Nightmares: Meth labs are often set up in rental homes, so landlords and property managers are at risk of having their rental properties turned into methamphetamine production facilities. Here are some Q&As to bring you up to date.

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