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    Arcadia Management Group Inc.

       Serving Arizona, Utah, Washington and Wyoming,  

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Other Associations
     -  Retail (Up to 9,999 sqft)
     -  Retail (10K -100K sqft)
     -  Retail (100K+ sqft)
     -  Office (Up to 9,999 sqft)
     -  Office (10K -100K sqft)
     -  Office (100K+ sqft)
     -  Warehouse (Up to 100K sqft)
     -  Warehouse (100K+ sqft)
     -  Manufacturing (Up to 100K sqft)
     -  Manufacturing (100K+ sqft)
     -  Parking Garage

    Arcadia Management Group Inc.

    We do what we are supposed to do - and we do it without extra charges. You don't need to be charged line after line of fees for property management services. What you do need is to cut every expense possible - and to identify every additional income opportunity. We approach property management as a business consultant does: your success is our success.

     Arcadia Management, Inc. Arcadia Management Group will make a difference in your business because we create a custom solution that works best for your needs. What you won't find are cookie-cutter, canned, regurgitated responses because we know each property and each problem is unique. We make it our business to build your business based on your individual investment objectives.

    Arcadia Management Group focuses exclusively on commercial property management. That means we have your best interests in mind with every strategic decision when it comes to evaluating and reviewing broker's proposals for new tenants, building repairs, and even the repositioning of your asset and investment strategies. That also means we will never compromise your relationships with your leasing, investment, or brokerage team because we aim to be the expert in property management and advisement. If you don't have great results with your current leasing, investment or brokerage team we will turn that around and find the right fit for your project.

    If you are fed up working with companies that have agendas different than your own, give us a call so we can show you how a true property management team helps build your business without padding ours.

    We don't just push paper, we build value strategically. We roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves in your property to identify every possible way to meet your investment goals. If you're planning to keep the property for 20 years we understand your objectives are different than someone flipping their building in 24 months. Each property decision is made with your investment goals at the forefront of the process.

    Arcadia Management Group has earned the distinction of Accredited Management Organization (AMO) from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), an affiliate of the National Association of Realtors. The AMO accreditation is awarded only to real estate firms with a track record of high performance, and which posses experience, stability and financial accountability and have a Certified Property Manager (CPM) directing and supervising the real estate management team. In addition, AMO firms must abide by a rigorous Code of Professional Ethics that is strictly enforced by the Institute.