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    Class Act Property Management LLC

       189 Liberty St NE
        Suite 307
       Salem, OR 97301

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (2-4 units)
     -  Multi-Family (5 -19 units)
     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)

    Class Act Property Management LLC

    Welcome to Class Act Property Management

    Guaranteed Lowest Management Fees! No one can beat our prices. We offer the lowest management fees in the industry, but if you find someone lower, we will match their rate!

    Great property management is critical to the success of your investment. Some property managers just don't have their eye on your bottom line, and that puts your investment property in jeopardy. Lucky for you we're not like those other property management companies.

    Class Act Property Management LLCWe work with you to identify areas for you to cut costs and/or increase revenue. And we have developed novel methods of maximizing income and reducing property expenses.

    We are property owners ourselves, and we understand what's important to the real estate investor: increasing rents and cash flow while lowering expenses and vacancy. Every dollar we save equals one more dollar of cash flow in your pocket.

    Our caring attitude about each and every customer will always be the heart of our business focus. We treat tenants with respect and are dedicated to managing their needs and resolving disputes. We take the time to thoroughly check each potential tenant. But if a tenant skips, we pursue the tenant vigorously including filing in small claims court, reporting debts to collection bureaus, and garnishing wages and bank accounts.

    Property management services are detail oriented and leave nothing to chance. Rest assured knowing that State-of-the-Art software is supporting all operations of your property. All communications with tenants and vendors are tracked and recorded. Vendors are carefully screened and supervised. And laws are researched and strictly followed.

    Many property management companies claim to charge less, but then add numerous fees. Our price is All-Inclusive and you will not be surprised with a large management bill. And if your property is vacant, we do not get paid! If a tenant has to be evicted, we spend countless hours in court on your behalf. This gives us plenty of incentive to get your property rented quickly, but also find quality tenants.

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    Full Service ALL-INCLUSIVE Property Management:

    • Single Family Homes, Multi Family, Apartment Communities, Condos, HOA
    • Move In & Move Out Inspections with Photos and Detailed Records
    • Collection of Rent - Check, Credit/Debit cards, Auto Withdrawal, or ACH Online Payments
    • Coordinate All Maintenance Requests
    • Use of our Discounted Vendors
    • Coordinate the End-of-Lease Turn Over & Renovations
    • Conduct Random and Routine Interior Inspections of Property
    • Provide Detailed Monthly Financial Statements
    • Issue Customized Year-End Reports such as Profit & Loss
    • 24-Hour Emergency Repair Service
    • Enforcement of Lease Provisions
    • Full Eviction Process Included - No Hidden Fees, No Legal Fees*
    • In-House Collection Department
    • Market Analysis for Maximum Profitability
    • Property Evaluation and Maintenance/Preservation Budgeting
    • Superior Rental Agreements - Designed to Protect You
    • State-of-the-Art Accounting, Bill Pay, Digitized Records and Receipts
    • Rents and Deposits are Maintained in Client Trust Accounts and Audited by the Oregon Real Estate Agency
    • Hiring, Training, and Supervision of On-Site Managers, Leasing Agents, and Maintenance Personnel
    • Lead Generation and Tracking
    • Marketing Analytics

    *Some exceptions apply.