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    Property Management Inc Riverside

       5055 Canyon Crest Dr.
       Riverside, CA 92507

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Single Home/condo (up to $300K)
     -  Single Home/condo ($300 to $500K)

    Property Management Inc Riverside

    PMI Riverside makes property management manageable. Our fee structure is totally aligned with your best interests so we have an incentive to minimize your costs, maximize your revenues, and completely eliminate the hassle of owning rental properties. Think of us as your investment partner.

    Property Management Inc Riverside Our Incentives are 100% aligned with your Interests
    Some managers can charge you as much as $500 for marketing, or more, and most take a surcharge on all repairs. This gives them an incentive to maximize your expenses and create high turnover of tenants. Our only fee is a percentage of your rent, so our incentive is to maximize your income. We will always give you the lowest price on maintenance services and will never take a surcharge on these. Put simply, we make money when you make money.

    Marketing Your Property
    We have the most effective on-line and traditional marketing tools in the business, which means your property will be rented faster and you can collect more rent.

    Minimizing Expenses
    We have extensive contacts with the best maintenance and repair businesses in the county and will use our clout to get you the best prices. We will never take a surcharge for these services, so 100% of the savings are passed on to you. Our experience in selecting and managing tenants helps us encourage them to take better care of your home and initiate minor repairs on their own. Since all of our expenses are tax deductible, you will usually get to keep more of your income than if you managed the property yourself.

    Maximizing Revenue
    The best way to maximize your revenue is to keep the property rented continuously. This does not always mean charging the highest rent or taking the first applicant. We are experts at screening tenants for longevity and at building incentives into your lease contracts to ensure that tenants are happy and that they stay in place for as long as possible. We can help you decide which repairs and improvements on your property will generate the best returns on your investments, and how to get the tenants to take better care of your home so that your costs stay low.

    Minimizing Hassle
    We take care of everything, from marketing your property, screening tenants, collecting rents and late fees, evictions, repairs, and even preparing year-end statements for tax purposes. Managing your property should take up less of your time than managing a stock or bond portfolio and it should earn higher and more predictable returns. In fact, with us by your side, you could begin to wonder why anyone ever invests in anything else.

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