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    Property Management Inc Tri State

       12252 Highway 41 North
       Evansville, IN 47725

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Single Home/condo (up to $300K)
     -  Single Home/condo ($300 to $500K)
     -  Single Home/condo ($500K to $1M)
     -  Single Home/condo (over $1M)
     -  HOA (2 - 49 units)
     -  HOA (50 - 99 units)
     -  HOA (100+ units)
     -  COA (2 - 49 units)
     -  COA (50 - 99 units)
     -  COA (100+ units)
     -  Multi-Family (2-4 units)
     -  Multi-Family (5 -19 units)
     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)

    Property Management Inc Tri State

    We do everything that needs to be done, so you don't have to.

    Property Management Inc. (PMI) is a leading commercial and residential property management company. We have designed our management services in order to uniquely benefit owners/investors. We know many owners/investors would like to manage their investment but for a variety of reasons cannot be involved with the day to day operation of the property. Please call or email us today so we can further discuss your property management needs.

    Property Management Inc Tri State By choosing Property Management inc, you ensure that your investment is being managed by someone who has management as the primary focus of our business. While our company has reached sufficient size to enable organization efficiencies and numerous failsafe policies, we have not lost our ability to provide extraordinary customer service.

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    • Monthly and Annual Financial Reports
      These reports are designed with you in mind! You will always know how your properties are performing.
    • Tracking and Invoicing Tenants for CAM Charges
    • Maintenance
      We will continually maintain and keep your property in the best possible condition. We do this by through regular inspections of the physical condition. We also undertake many different preventative maintenance processes.
    • Marketing
      We will use multiple professional marketing streams to keep your property vacancy free and increase ROI. We will also provide you with successful advertising strategies. Why shouldn't you be getting market rental value?
    • Complete Lease Process
      This includes the whole process from beginning to end. Negotiations, contract execution, landlord-tenant relationship and tenant replacement. We make it possible for you to have a completely hands free rental property.
    • Oversight
      We will oversee the any and all tenant improvements and/or renovations for the full duration of the lease.
    • Rent Collection
      Based on the terms of the lease, we will take care of collecting both rent and late fees. We will also track any tenant deposits. We strive to make this process seamless month to month for both you and the tenant.
    • Compliance
      We will ensure that your property complies with all regulations and laws, including federal, state and local.
    • Insurance
      We can maintain insurance policies and coordinate any payments of the property expenses.
    • Tenant Requests
      We strive to respond to all tenant requests in a prompt, proficient and professional manner.
    • Tenant Credibility
      We will take care of credit and background screening to insure your property is respected and you have little to no problems with tenants.
    • Cost Reductions
      Your property will benefit from detailed expense reviews and wholesale pricing for re-occurring and non-recurring expenses. In many cases the savings alone have exceeded our management fee.