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REO Leasing Solutions

   2727 Spring Creek Drive
   Spring, TX 77373

Types of Properties We Manage:

 -  Single Home/condo (up to $300K)
 -  Single Home/condo ($300 to $500K)
 -  Single Home/condo ($500K to $1M)
 -  HOA (2 - 49 units)
 -  HOA (50 - 99 units)

REO Leasing Solutions
REO Leasing Solutions
Maxims in real estate always seem to revolve around the word "location," but here in Houston the fundamentals of value, location and cash flow remain equally important. Investors usually examine distressed real estate portfolios from three angles: Market entry, exit strategy and the return for retaining the property asset. REO Leasing Solutions tackles the last and potentially most profitable aspect--retaining your properties and establishing returns on your investments. As a full service brokerage, we manage and sell properties based on your investment needs. Consider these scenarios:

REO Leasing SolutionsRisk Exposure with Vacant Properties:
A vacant property serves no purpose, and is exposed to these devastating risks--

  • Unsecured assets vulnerable to theft
  • Vandalism
  • Liability risks
  • Fire
  • Penalties under local ordinances for vacant property
  • Loss of cash flow

Potential Gains with Occupied Properties:
Active rental properties typically offer the following--

  • Cash flow and return on investment
  • Secured property and assets
  • Tenant purchase potential
  • Market appreciation

What about Lease-to-Own Options?
Lease-to-own options are often beneficial to both tenants and owners. The prospect of property ownership under a lease-to-own agreement often results in the renter making improvements and repairs, reducing the owner's overall maintenance costs and improving property value for both parties.

Short- and Long-Term Investment Strategies
Investors have contrasting strategies in property management, but most are based on the structure of the purchase deal or the length of an investment opportunity. REO Leasing Solutions adapts to your specific needs. We offer the flexibility of varying the terms of your leases from monthly to durations beyond five years. Keep in mind that there are specific rules in some agreements with incentives, but REO Leasing Solutions can assist you in navigating those guidelines.

Who Benefits from Lease-to-Own and REO Leasing Solutions?

Financial Advisors and Brokers
REO Leasing Solutions is invaluable for traders, investors and deal makers who want to review portfolios for rental cash flow over a set period of time. We can help you price a portfolio based on your buyer's investment strategies. If you already have modeling and analysis tools, REO Leasing Solutions will assist with setting up service to maintain your targeted properties. This data allows you to place and calculate average costs for carry in a potential retention scenario.

Real Estate Owned Asset Managers
Investors and managers with REO portfolios are sometimes pressed to sell in depressed markets. These transactions are often complicated by ongoing carrying costs and seemingly unending workloads. In these scenarios the best and most profitable solutions are leasing REO assets, but the transition from loan to rental management is daunting. REO Leasing Solutions offers online tools for overseeing your rental assets through a network of trusted and accessible vendors and real estate brokers.

Institutional Investors
Institutional Investors may find better returns retaining portfolios under management through leasing rather than liquidation.

Individual Investors
Cash flow is vital for individual investors who purchase properties through auctions, foreclosures or direct sales. REO Leasing Solutions can help small investors with practical and affordable solutions. These proposals are scalable so individual investors can customize and divide the shared property management workloads between themselves and REO Leasing Solutions.

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