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    SaraVita Properties

       10801 National Blvd
       Los Angeles, CA 90064

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  Multi-Family (5 -19 units)
     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (100+ units)
     -  Office (Up to 9,999 sqft)
     -  Office (10K -100K sqft)
     -  Office (100K+ sqft)

    SaraVita Properties

    At SaraVita Properties (SVP) we believe in building long lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with our West Los Angeles clientele. With SVP you can always count on: close proximity, 24 hour quick response, experience, and detailed management reports that are unmatched in our territory. If you are looking for a diverse team of management professionals, that care as much about the methods used as the end result, look no further.

    SVP offers tailored property management strategies for maintaining and increasing property values. Utilizing our client-centric approach, we provide these services tailored to fit the unique requirements of Multi-family, HOA, Office, Industrial, and Retail properties in and around West Los Angeles.

    SaraVita Properties

    Although we have never lost a management contract before, our clients comfort with our services are of great importance. As such, all of our clients reserve the right to cancel our management contract, regardless of the initial term, for any reason with 60 days notice. This serves to reassure our clients that we consistently work to the highest of standards and never take for granted the opportunity to be of service.

    The selection of a professional property management company capable of maintaining excellent communication, operating with integrity, remaining punctual, and always performing at the highest professional level is an important decision. SVP invites you to experience its vision, explore its services, and "find out what the right property management company can do for you!"

    SVP Advantage:

    Close Proximity/Rapid Response

    Through experience, we understand the correlation between effective management and close proximity. You deserve a management company that is attentive to your needs and responsive to your requests. Our centralized location, and local resources, means that we are familiar with the local market and can rapidly respond to any situation that requires a visit. FOR THAT REASON, WE DEAL EXCLUSIVELY WITH CLIENTS IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO OUR CENTRAL OFFICE IN WEST LOS ANGELES.

    Transparent Reporting

    SVP provides detailed monthly management reports which outline all of the performed repairs, maintenance, and recommendations for that period. In conjunction with the management reports, our in-house Certified Public Accountant (CPA) prepares extensive monthly and annual financial reports that are unmatched in detail and quality (HOA reports will also include budget and due collections).

    Monthly Property Management & Accounting Reports Include:

    • Repairs and Maintenance
    • Tenant Issues
    • Improvement Recommendations
    • Copies of all invoices paid
    • Statement of Monthly Deposit/AR Aging Report
    • Profit and Loss Statements
    • Balance Sheet
    • Copies of Bank Statements
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Copies of New Leases/Proposals for Property Improvements
    • In-house Rendering Proposals for Future Property Improvements


    SVP Team

    SVP is comprised of a highly qualified and dynamic team of brokers with diverse backgrounds in real estate, management, business, accounting, finance, marketing, architecture and design. We maintain a stance of friendly professionalism to help ensure that your tenants/homeowners are happy, and that your units are filled. As property owners ourselves, we are dedicated to staying current on local market trends, influential legislation (i.e. HOA Policy), landlord/tenant law, and owner requirements to make sure we maximize and protect our client’s interests. Furthermore, our team is experienced in helping to streamline HOA board activities while developing, analyzing, and enforcing Rules and Regulations.

    Online Information Technology

    As a tech savvy boutique firm, SVP is able to stay current with the ever evolving capabilities of online information technology. SVP uses optional 3rd party software, called Basecamp, which optimizes communication between SVP and our clients. This is an optional service that we offer to our clients, at no additional cost, to stream line the communication and information exchange process. Furthermore, we utilize such services as a means to internally connect and organize HOA members and their activities. Basecamp stores all reports and communication between SVP and its clients; allowing both parties to access any information at any time.

    Maintenance Crew

    SVP has its own maintenance workers, who have the ability to repair many items for a low hourly rate; compared to the cost of hiring a company to do the same work for 3 or 4 times the price. Our professional maintenance staff is covered by State Fund Workmen's Compensation policy thus reducing the liability for our Clients. Our years of experience, building vendor relationships, have translated into considerable cost savings for our clientele.

    Maximizing Value

    In addition to our belief in continual upkeep, SVP maximizes property values through our deferred maintenance and cost recovery programs. As SVP strives for long lasting client relationships, we treat each property under our management with the same care and diligence that we provide for the properties we own and manage. We are always looking to add revenue by analyzing and recommending specific improvements which will directly affect the value of the property including; rental rates, condo and apartment values.

    Marketing Sophistication

    We work quickly to help ensure your vacancies are filled with quality tenants. Our in-house design team has years of experience creating targeted ads, showing space, and screening tenants.

    We provide trust through transparency and value through experience. Please request your free quote and consultation today!