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    Schubert Properties, LLC

       77 West Washington Street
        Suite 1211
       Chicago, IL 60602

    Types of Properties We Manage:

     -  HOA (50 - 99 units)
     -  COA (50 - 99 units)
     -  Multi-Family (20-99 units)

    Schubert Properties, LLC

    Property Management Services

    Schubert Properties, provides property management services specializing in the management and maintenance of condominium associations, HOAs, apartments, retail and commercial properties. Schubert Properties recognizes that the client's desire is first and foremost. Schubert is a management company that pays attention to detail, is responsive to your needs and concerns, and provides services at competitive prices.

    Company founders Barry Ash and Andrea Stern Ash are committed to providing management services of the highest quality and ethical standards. Their backgrounds in law and accounting, as well as, 25 years in construction, management and development will serve your property well under their leadership. Their goal is to work hard to gain the respect of you, their client, and strive to develop long-term relationships.

    Schubert Properties manages rental properties for third party investors and provides the highest standards of service. Schubert Properties' goal is for its client's to receive the highest return on its investment by reducing operating expenses without sacrificing quality and by providing unsurpassed support services.

    Schubert Properties, LLC

    Rental Property Management and Administrative Services

    • Manage all aspects of rent collection
    • Review and authorize payment of monthly invoices
    • Prepare monthly financial statements to include P/L statements, bank statement reconciliation, rent roll, receivables aging
    • Monitor rent delinquencies and assist in their collection
    • Deliver 5 day notices and oversee legal process
    • Review building violations compliance
    • Administrative court appearance
    • Perform property inspection and reports
    • Prepare annual budget
    • Tenant communication and enforcement of rules and regulations
    • Manage insurance claim settlements and adjustments
    • Negotiation of contracts such as dumpster service, elevator maintenance, insurance
    • Maintain copies of all leases on file and negotiate rental increases
    • Provide janitorial and maintenance services

    Condominiums and HOAs require a management company that meets and exceeds the needs of your Board and owners. Schubert Properties recognizes the need for condominiums and HOAs to have responsive, hands-on management services at competitive rates. Schubert Properties has the expertise and dedicated staff to manage and maintain your property at the highest level to ensure the highest property values for its owners.

    Condominium/HOA Management and Administrative Services

    • Assessment planning, collection and budget management
    • Association communications, notices and fines
    • Association & Corporation tax filing
    • Attendance at home owner's association meetings
    • Building violations compliance
    • Administrative court appearances
    • Managing insurance claim settlements and adjustments
    • Management of condominium declarations, by-laws and budget
    • Prepare detailed monthly financial accounting to include: income/expense statements, bank statement reconciliation, balance sheets, aged accounts receivable.
    • Preparation of yearly and monthly budget
    • Provide property inspections, preventative maintenance, planning and implementation
    • Negotiation of vendor contracts such as dumpster service, elevator maintenance contract, insurance
    • Provide janitorial and maintenance services