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The average rent for a 3 bedroom house in Hartford, CT is $1,457.00. When you receive your requested free market assessment, compare the average rent to what a property manager expects your property to rent for before making your decision on which manager to hire.

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Hartford, CT Rental Market Overview

An experienced property management company in Hartford, CT can turn a problematic, time-consuming rental property into a successful, streamlined investment. A property manager takes on the adminstrative, financial and operational requirements of the property while often lowering costs and maximizing occupancy and income. To find the property management expert that's best for your investment property, take a look at the bios of the companies below.

It's important to keep up with the Hartford market if you own an investment property in the area. The city has shown signs of positive growth, with the most recent population estimate at 124,512; in addition, Greater Hartford is considered the largest metro area in the state with a population of nearly 1.2 million. The state's unemployment rate remains below the national average at 7.4%, and average residential rental rates range from $697-$1,522.

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194 Fitchville Rd
Bozrah, CT 06334

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Dedicated to providing clients with professional management and leasing support for over 40 years in Eastern Connecticut.

1111 E.Putnam Ave , Suite 300
Riverside , CT 06878

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107 E. Main St , FL2
Meriden, CT 06450

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1111 E.Putnam Ave , Suite 300
Riverside , CT 06878

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210 Raymond Rd.
Hartford, CT 06107

Managing: Single-Family : Multi-Family :
Cosmopolitan Realty Group offers a FULL range of Property Management and Property Sales services.

113 Elm Street , Suite 1021
Enfield, CT 06082

Managing: Multi-Family : Association : Commercial
Our Full Service team can handle the entire process- from start to finish!

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113 Elm Street , Suite 1021
Enfield, CT 06082

Managing: Multi-Family : Association : Commercial
Our Full Service team can handle the entire process- from start to finish!

800 S. Gay Street , Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37929

Managing: Association :
We offer REMOTE and VIRTUAL accounting services to Community Associations.


Q2 2015 Rental Ranking Report

Home to many of the world's top insurance companies' headquarters, Hartford is often referred to as the "Insurance Capital of the World." But there is far more to this beautiful Northeastern city than the insurance industry. Boasting the oldest public art museum in the nation, the Wadsworth Atheneum, the oldest public park, Bushnell Park, and the oldest continuously published newspaper, The Hartford Courant, you will find a vibrant historic and cultural scene throughout the city. Also ranked highly by Forbes for its educational resources, Hartford is home to Trinity College and the University of Hartford, among others.

Q2 2015 Hartford Rental Market Update

In Q2 2015, Hartford was the 15th-best Northeastern housing market to own rental properties in and 69th-best in the country as a whole. Since Q1 2015, Hartford jumped one spot in the Rental Ranking Report's regional rankings for the Northeastern U.S. and two spots in the national rankings.

The Hartford rental real estate market is admittedly far from perfect. Hartford rental prices rose by just 0.33 percent year-over-year in Q2 2015, one of the lowest rental price increases in the U.S. during that time period and more than 90 percent less than the national average for that metric. To make matters even worse for Hartford rental real estate investors, local property values only appreciated by 2.28 percent year-over-year in Q2 2015, also one of the lowest increases in the U.S. during that time period and around 55 percent less than the national average for that metric.

Regardless, Hartford rental real estate can still be a lucrative investment for those who own it. The Hartford rental capitalization rate, which compares annual rents to property values, is a modest 6.63 percent. While slightly below the national average, this "cap rate" indicates that Hartford nonetheless offers fairly good returns for those who choose to invest there. The moderately low local vacancy rate of 5.60 percent (about 17 percent less than the national average for that metric) and decent job growth rate of 1.90 percent (only around 6 percent less than the national average) indicate that Hartford will likely be no less attractive for rental real estate investment for quarters to come.

Q1 2015 Hartford Rental Market Update

Hartford is currently a challenging environment for value-seeking rental real estate investors. According to the Q1 2015 Rental Ranking Report, Hartford ranks 71st out of the 75 rental markets it evaluated, and is 16th - almost last - in the Northeast.

Landlords don't have many problems keeping Hartford real estate rented out; the city's vacancy rate of 4 percent is the tenth best in the country and indicates a high demand for housing. But rents have fallen slightly, down 2.2 percent, despite the strengthening of rental markets nationwide. The cap rate is a modest 6.9 percent, down slightly when compared to the last Rental Ranking Report. Property appreciation momentum is slow as well - 72nd among the 75 Rental Ranking metros.

What data is this Rental Ranking Report based on?

To calculate the statistics found in the Q2 2015 Rental Ranking Report, All Property Management gathered data, including the most recent government housing and jobs data, for 75 metros across the United States. Specifically, we looked at home vacancy, capitalization, home value appreciation and job growth rates, changes in rental prices, and the average number of days properties have been on the market to determine which U.S. metros will give investors the highest returns on rental investments. Click here to learn more about the Rental Ranking metrics.

Should I invest in Hartford rental property?

Despite its poor performance in the Q2 2015 Rental Ranking Report, you can still net significant rental income as a landlord in Hartford. Be prepared to hit singles rather than home runs for a while, though. Focus on doing your due diligence and making careful, conservative projections concerning cost, rental income and future price appreciation.

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