New APM Services for Your Business

Three of the most important tasks that successful property managers must master and continuously improve upon are:

1) Finding great tenants

2) Maintaining properties in tip-top shape

3) Collecting rent and delivering the proceeds to owners both quickly and inexpensively

All Property Management recently developed partnerships with leading national tenant screening, preventive maintenance inspection, and payment processing service companies.

All three new partners will offer special services to All Property Management customers, including special discounts for some services. 

If you’re new to property management, using these services will help jump start your business processes and procedures. With the time and money you save, you’ll be able to focus on more pressing needs, like finding additional properties to manage.

Property managers who have been in business for a while can benefit as well because it never hurts to consider new vendors and service providers who might offer a price or service advantage over your current solutions. For example, if you’ve been using the same company to process rent payments for the past three years, your provider may not be using the latest cost saving technologies, like cloud computing or mobile payments. These advances in technology are not only less expensive, but offer more detailed reports and conveniences for landlords, owners and tenants.

In the future, All Property Management will continue to build out its network of partnerships. In the meantime, please take a look at the services below and consider contacting our partners. We’ve provided links you can use to find more information.

Finding Good Tenants

Partner: TransUnion MySmart Move

TransUnion, a national leader in consumer credit analysis and reporting, has developed an easy to use, secure, online service for property managers. MySmartMove provides property managers with a credit and criminal background screening analysis that shows both the raw data as well as a decision tool that recommends whether a potential tenant should be offered a lease, given a lease with exceptions, or rejected. After reviewing the comprehensive report, a property manager can quickly make an informed decision. The cost of the report can be paid by the tenant and processed online by TransUnion, saving leasing agents and property managers time and credit card transaction fees.

Maintaining Properties in Tip Top Shape

Partner: AHS Preventive Maintenance

Basic maintenance and inspection of mechanicals such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems prevent costly major repairs, unhappy tenants and losses to rental income.

Regardless of how good you are as a property manager in selecting great tenants, even the best renter won’t always report or even notice minor maintenance issues, like a few drops of water leaking from an appliance, or an air conditioner that has begun to make a slight noise. But ignoring these small things can be expensive.

American Home Shield Preventive Maintenance conducts 18-point inspections on major systems and generates a report for property managers on their condition and recommendations for continued optimal performance. The property manager can use this report to move forward on needed maintenance or inform the owner on what repairs are needed in the future. Further, if repair work is needed, the property manager will have an initial bid without the cost of service call.

Rent Collection and Payment Processing
Partner: YapStone RentPayment

Accepting credit cards and smart phone payments, or enrolling tenants in automated payment programs, provides several benefits to property managers and owners. Multiple payment options have shown to reduce delinquencies, help close leases faster and aid tenants who may have to use credit cards on occasion to pay the rent.

As personal technology devices multiply and consumer behavior changes, multiple payment options become increasingly important for anyone who runs a business. Also, landlords who provide tenants with more payment options are more likely to receive rent payments on time. With RentPayments cloud-based service and extensive reporting options, landlords also reduce administrative costs.