"Having followed this market for the past several years, I believe it represents one of the most compelling investment opportunities available across all asset classes today."

- Oliver Chang, head of U.S. housing strategy at Morgan Stanley, who left his firm in May 2012 to start his own buy-to-rent housing fund.

The current attractiveness of housing rentals as an investment is undeniable. Many active investors, hedge funds, and private equity firms are raising money to acquire foreclosed homes with the intent to rent them out for several years before selling them as the housing recovery takes hold.

Key to this strategy is the need for strong local property managers. All Property Management (APM) represents the largest network of qualified residential property managers in the United States. We have worked with the best in the industry for years, and we’re now offering easy access to this network to professional investors seeking national coverage for their burgeoning portfolios.

We can create a management structure for you based on established industry criteria, or we can customize one that works within your own requirements. Either way, we’ll lessen the risk of the “toughest mile” in your quest for a sound, well-managed investment portfolio in attractive residential real estate. We’ll eliminate the worry about credentialing, geographic dispersion, or contract management issues that confound many who try to cobble together their own captive property management only to find it pushing them outside their core competencies.

Contact us, and we’ll assign an experienced account manager to assess your needs and help you achieve maximum investment returns through a network of experienced, licensed property managers with high professional standards.

Investor Inquiries

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