20% of investors know this fact --- quality professional property management will improve your ROI.

All Property Management is the largest resource of qualified property managers online. We take investor ROI seriously, and so do the property managers in our network.

The managers we work with are local experts with knowledge of the current rental rates, local tenant regulations, and where and how to find the most qualified tenants to fill your vacancies fast. Their processes and experience make leasing, collection, and maintenance a breeze.

Search for a manager near your investment and request a free quote from one or more of the managers in our network. You decide which manager is right for you. Pick from full service or any of the specialty services they offer.

Why Put Your Faith in a Property Manager?

Reducing Investment Risk

While common problems such as a lack of planning, unclear goals, and inadequate market research will always be contributing factors to nonexistent or negative profit margins for a certain percentage of real estate investors, a larger percentage will fall prey to what James McClelland, CEO and president of the single family home investment firm MACK Companies, calls the "Number one reason why people fail at real estate investing"---poor property management. Read More

Reducing your Vacancy Risk

While increased ROI on rental properties is far from the only reason to hire a professional property manager, many property investors want to see clear economic benefits before taking the plunge and outsourcing this key responsibility. Based on All Property Management's recent survey of 300 property managers from around the US, it's clear that professional property managers pay for themselves based on vacancy reduction alone. Read More

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