Need help finding a rental home?

Try these online resources when searching for a rental home.

National Internet Directories
Internet Classified Ads
Renters insurance

Which is right for you, house or apartment?

Renting A House Versus Renting An Apartment: The Pros And Cons
by Bruce Roberts

Should You Rent A House Or Apartment?
By Renter’s Warehouse


Do you know your tenant rights & responsibilities?

Rights and laws vary by state, you should review your state’s tenant and landlord laws to know your full rights and responsibilities.

Renters’ & Tenants’ Rights
by Nolo Press

15 Common Renter's Rights
by Sally Anderson, MSN Real Estate

10 Biggest Mistakes Renters Make
by Steve Yoder, The Fiscal Times

Tenants Rights and Responsibility
HUD.Gov’s Tenant Hub