Search stats – no surprises…

So – here’s the latest on April 2007 searches (most popular listed first) on the allpropertymanagement website. As usual, SF home or condo (<$300K) was the most popular search in terms of the type of property needing to be managed. Also as usual, California, Florida and Texas led in terms of geographic location. Finally, the prize for the most popular zip code goes to: 95926 – Chico, California. Property managers in Chico – if you’re looking for properties, we should chat!

By Type of Property Needing to be Managed:

  1. Single Home or Condo (< $300K)
  2. Single Home or Condo ($300-$500K)
  3. Multi-Family (2-4 units)
  4. Multi-Family (>100 units)
  5. Multi-Family (20-100 units)
  6. Homeowners Association (>50 units)
  7. Condo Association (<50 units)
  8. Homeowners Association (<50 units)
  9. Single Home or Condo ($500K-$1M)
  10. Condo Association (>50 units)

By Location of Property Needing to be Managed:

  1. CA
  2. FL
  3. TX
  4. AZ
  5. NY
  6. GA
  7. ON
  8. OR
  9. NC
  10. IL