Creative Solution to Tenant Who Won’t Leave

Here’s creative solution to a tenant who just won’t leave from when I was practicing real estate law.

I had a client come to me who hadn’t been using a property manager. He had rented a small house to some tenants and he didn’t check references (how many times have I heard that!). By the time he came to me, the tenants had trashed the place, were 4 months behind in the rent AND they had ignored his notice to pay rent or vacate. I explained his options to him and after he considered the time, expense and hassle involved he decided to actually offer to PAY THEM to move out. He offered them about $300 (from what I remember) – and it worked – they moved out the next weekend. I think maybe it worked because they couldn’t afford to move – and they were able to use the money for the next place.

I mentioned this as an option to subsequent clients with the same problem and most of them refused to consider it on principle – they didn’t want to reward dishonest behavior. The flip side is that it sure did save my guy some time and money in attorney’s fees! He just wanted them out!