If you’re facing a move you already know how stressful it can be, even before you begin the packing process. Use the following tips to help you make the move a bit less harrowing.

Organize by Room – Keep rooms together when packing, don’t mix bedroom with kitchen etc. This way you can unload the boxes into the proper rooms and save yourself a lot of running around.

Permanent Labels – Make sure you label every box, write right on the box so you don’t have to worry about losing stickers or tags.

Call ahead – Contact your new cable company, electric company and any other utilities. Let them know when you’ll be moving and give them all the information necessary so on moving day you have power, heat, and the other necessities and luxuries of life.

Change Your Address – It generally takes the post office a few days to a week to get your mail transferred to the new address, so make sure you inform them of your new address well in advance.

Cleaning Supplies – Pack all your cleaning supplies together and make sure they’re accessible. Your new home will probably not be as clean as you’d like and it’s easiest to give it a quick cleaning before all of your possessions are in place.

Help – Get as much help as possible, even if you have to hire them. Make sure you ask your friends well in advance and offer them food and drinks for their help. Moving companies should also be booked well in advance, and do a little research before selecting a company.

(photo credit flickr cc)