The Homeless Find Foreclosed Homes

Creative Commons License credit: boarderstu

The nation is facing a bit of a foreclosure crisis, it’s all over the news and if you haven’t been hit by it in some way it’s very possible that you know someone who has. With all these homes sitting empty, it’s no wonder that some industrious people have found a way to turn that to their advantage, and it may not be the people you’d expect. A foreclosed home can be a boon to a shrewd investor but it’s the homeless that are setting up shop.

Cleveland officials are reporting that they’re experiencing a swing in this direction as they are facing a very high foreclosure rate and the hardest hit residential areas are located not to far from downtown shelters. This creates a perfect environment for opportune squatters.

There are obviously no real statistics on how many homes are hosting the homeless, but it’s a known issue in many regions.

Although the situation may seem ripe for the plucking, it is creating a problem. It seems that when squatters take over a location it’s not long before illegal activities also enter the area. Once these problems begin to take hold of a home the place often falls into disrepair and the police become familiar with it, which can create a dangerous situation for the homeless residents and other homeowners in the area.