Evicting for a Violation

If your tenant is diligent about paying the rent but still violates your rental agreement you have a legal right to evict this person.

If your tenant is doing something that is illegal, an annoyance to other tenants, or dangerous but not specifically prohibited in the lease, check with your city ordinances as they keep a list of violations that are just cause for termination. Make sure you document all of the violations so you have a record for the courts.

Typically, you are required to send the tenant notice of the violation and give them a set amount of days to rectify the situation or leave the premises. This can vary depending on the violation as some violations are more serious than others, check with your local laws to see where you stand. You may also want to consider giving the tenant a cease and desist time limit even though your state doesn’t require it. It depends on your evaluation of the situation, after all, you are the property owner.

It’s smart to keep a file on every tenant in case you need to prove anything in court and make sure to send written notices through certified mail, so you can verify the tenant received the letter.

An eviction can end up being a long drawn out procedure and any small mistakes can delay the process. If you’re really anxious to evict this tenant, then hiring an attorney may be a very wise move.