No Glass Ceiling for Women in Real Estate

image-306.jpgReal estate has traditionally been a good opportunity for women. More than 65 percent of real estate agents are women. The flexibility and higher than average income was a draw to career-minded mothers long before flex-time and family benefits were even considered in other industries. Yet, historically, the top management spots were held by men. All of that has changed.

In the last couple of years, women have moved into the #1 and #2 positions at a number of large real estate and related companies, to positions formerly held by men. A recent edition of the “Swanepoel Trends Report” lists women executives heading Keller Williams Real Estate, the Federal Deposit Insurance Co., ERA Real Estate, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate, Howard Hanna Real Estate, Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, and ReMAX International, just to name a few.

The addition of that many new women to positions of power in real estate is sure to make its mark. It will be interesting to see how it effects the future of the industry.