Seniors Get Help Selling

Creative Commons License credit: JOE M500An interesting trend is coming out of the housing slump that has seniors reaping some unexpected benefits. Developers, whether out of greed or generosity, are offering a variety of services to the elderly to help them sell their old homes and move into the developer’s new buildings.

Typically, the older set is a little wiser and they’re not willing to buy a new place and move until their old one has sold. The problem is these seniors overwhelmingly have unrealistic expectations about the sales of their current homes, many of them expect their home to sell within a few months and for a higher price than what is actually reasonable in today’s market. When the home doesn’t sell the seniors back out of their retirement home deals and stay put. So developers are working to help them get that home sale and keep their new retirement home complex on track.

Some of the things seniors are seeing are home stagers moving in and redecorating for a sale. Most home owners realize this is an important aspect of a sale, but the longer you’ve been in a home, the harder it is for you to see it objectively. Some developers are working to get the best local real estate agents to work on these homes to ensure a better pool of prospective buyers. And some are even willing to buy the properties themselves, in the long run they can afford to sit on the home for a while whereas they cannot afford to lose their entire retirement complex due to cancellations.