Five Tips to Being a Better Landlord

Creative Commons License credit: emmma peel

Good landlords and property managers get better tenants, better tenants mean less problems, lawsuits, complaints, repairs, damage and financial issues. Use the following tips to improve your standing in the community as a landlord and a property manager and get the tenants you want.

  1. ?Written Contracts. Make sure you have everything in writing, whether it’s the initial rental agreement, the security deposit information, special stipulations, whatever it is get it in writing.
  2. ?Respond Promptly. Let your tenants know that you care about them and you take your responsibilities to them quite seriously. If they’re asking for a repair, evaluate the situation and have it taken care of as quickly as possible.
  3. Maintain your Property. In the real estate world curb appeal is everything. This applies to rental properties as well. Make sure the grounds are well kept and attractive and that the inside of your unit(s) is maintained as well.
  4. Safety First. If you’re property is easy pickings for criminals the word will get out, both to criminals and prospective tenants. Keep your property secure by having good locks, well lit public areas, trimmed bushes and regular security patrols, if necessary.
  5. Keep in Touch. Keep in touch with both your property and the tenants. If you have a property manager, keep in touch with them as well. Know what is happening on your property and keep the lines of communication wide open.

By following these tips you will become a better landlord and will develop a reputation in your community as being a landlord who cares, thereby attracting the most desirable tenants.