Albany Homebuilders Hype Up Housing Market

Creative Commons License credit: Micah Taylor

If you pay attention to the real estate trends happening in the United States today, you know that the whole nation is in the midst of a housing slump. However, you wouldn’t think that was the case if the only media you were exposed to was that being promoted by a group of home builders in Albany, New York.

The Capital Region Builders and Remodelers Association Inc. is a home building association based in Albany which has just spent $40,000 on a media campaign designed to convince you that there is no real problem with the housing market. The commercials coming out of this campaign specifically say that the national headlines about the market are wrong and imply that things are peachy keen in the real estate business.

The argument being made is essentially that there are a lot of buildings in urban and semi-urban areas which are going to be highly valuable in about ten years. The idea is that you should invest in them now in order to turn a profit later. And of course, the underlying message is that you need the services of the folks that can help you remodel those homes that you might buy.

You have to give this group credit for a creative approach towards solving the economic slump that the housing crisis has surely thrust them into. However it points to the fact that you need to attend to all real estate media with a wary eye. You just never know who is paying for those headlines!