Moving Company vs. Moving Yourself

Creative Commons License credit: Michael248

When it’s time to move to a new home, you have two options. You can hire a moving company to transport all of your boxes and furnishings to the new home or you can roll up your sleeves and get ready for some hard work yourself.

To determine which method makes the most sense for your move, you should consider the following things:

  • Which is more important to save right now – your time or your money? Hiring movers is usually pricier but saves you time to take care of other moving issues.
  • How much stuff are you moving? If you’ve done your spring cleaning and are moving with very little stuff, you might find it easy to pack it up and haul it yourself. If you have a whole house of things, you might prefer to leave the dirty work to the professionals.
  • Will you have any help? If you have a big extended family that will help pitch in to move, it might not be a big hassle. If it’s just you, hiring movers to help might make more sense.
  • Are you moving across town or across the country? Assess whether you’re willing to drive a huge UHaul across the nation or whether you want to pay the extra cost for movers to move you that far.
  • Does the weather impact your decision? If you’re moving from a warm place to a place that’s covered in snow and you aren’t used to driving in bad weather conditions, you might want to let professional movers handle the big loads.
  • How concerned are you about the treatment of your things? Movers are generally professional and kind to your stuff but the reality is that no one is going to be as nice to your things as you are. There is moving insurance to protect you from damage to belongings but if you’re really paranoid about your property being damaged, you’ll want to move yourself.

If you decide that hiring a moving company makes more sense than moving yourself, review this recent post on how to choose your movers.