Advertising your Rental

Creative Commons License credit: PinkMoose

The most important thing for a landlord or property manager is filling the rental unit with the right tenants, but attracting those tenants is actually the first step. Writing your rental advertisement should actually take a little bit of thought and work.

You want to highlight the important and appealing aspects of your place in a colorful and attractive way. By doing so you.can draw your prospective tenants to your property. Just be sure that you’re explaining everything accurately. Make sure to be honest about your property.

Don’t be afraid to highlight some of the positive features of your location as well. If your property is not very exciting but it’s located in the heart of a popular district, on a bus line, close to local schools, whatever other benefits your place has, feel free to mention them as well.

The next part of your ad should be the details of your property. Let the reader know how many bedrooms you’re renting, the number of bathrooms, any additional physical aspects of the property that weren’t listed previously. Then, lay out your rules and restrictions. Are you offering a month to month contract or a standard one year lease. Will you allow pets, and if so, is there a limit on number and size? How many tenants will you rent to? Finally, the most important part, mention where the property is located, how the prospective tenant can reach you, and list any open houses you plan on having.