Get that Dream Rental

Creative Commons License credit: Brian Turner

If you’ve found the perfect rental unit, then it’s possible and probably quite likely that it is also someone else’s dream home. So, to get that dream rental you may have to take some proactive measures.

Come Prepared. When you meet with the landlord or the property manager, bring along the information that they’re going to want. Gather your credit report, references, a completed rental application and a list of your previous residences and employers with contact information.

Be Persistent. Once you’ve left your information with the property manager, and you are waiting for their response, keep in touch. Don’t annoy them by calling every day, but make a phone call within a day or two just to keep your name in their mind and let them know you’re very serious about the property.

Be Professional. Treat the transaction like a business one so your intent and seriousness are properly reflected. Carefully read the lease, ask the important questions, be honest, and get everything in writing. If you don’t get the residence, ask the property manager to keep your information on file, just in case they get another opening in the near future. And always keep a polite and professional manner.