Tenant Retaliation Laws

Creative Commons License credit: bloomsberries

If you have a tenant from hell it might be tempting to kick him or her out of your property. But you had better make sure your definition of a hellish tenant conforms with the law. Almost every state and some cities provide protection for tenants from such retaliation if the renter is exercising a legal right.

Your tenant absolutely has the right to report you to a government authority if the premises does not conform with health or safety laws. You may consider your outdated electrical to be perfectly fine, but your tenant and the law may disagree.? If you refuse to provide a remedy, then the tenant can report you and cannot be evicted for exercising their right to do so. Similarly, your tenant can report you to the proper agency or even begin a lawsuit against you if he or she feels you are discriminating against them. They will need proof to back up their claims, to win, of course, but they can file against you.

Your tenant also has a right to their own political beliefs and activities. This doesn’t mean that they can litter your property with signs, but they have a right to sponsor and support any candidate they wish. This includes any activity or participation they have in unions or tenant rights committees.