Ohio County Considers Lower Property Tax

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Creative Commons License photo credit: giuliana_miranda?

As a property owner, do you feel that the amount that you pay for property taxes is fair? If you’re like the average homeowner out there, your answer is probably no. Most people feel that their property taxes are higher than they should be, especially with home values themselves seeing decline. If you happen to live in Seneca County, Ohio, there’s actually something that you can do about it.

At the beginning of each year in this county, there is a filing period during which property owners can file a complaint stating that their property taxes are too high. The Board of Revision then takes a look at the property and reviews the amount of taxes that should be owed. Not everyone’s taxes will go down but it’s often the case that the property tax will be reduced after the board gets a chance to look inside and around the home to determine the true value of the property.

Of course, you’re taking a risk when you do something like this. If you happen to have surprisingly low property taxes, there’s the possibility that the board will actually find that you owe more than you’re currently paying and your rates will go up. But many people think that it’s worth the risk in this time of financial need.

Seneca County isn’t the only county in the country that offers the opportunity to try lowering your property taxes. Although programs may vary in their filing terms and rules, many other counties across the nation also have similar revision boards. Instead of griping about your property taxes, perhaps you can do something about it.