Building Owners and Managers Promote Green Efforts

Creative Commons License photo credit: Simon Davison

The Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is an international organization whose members include the owners and managers of a variety of different types of professional buildings. They lobby for legislation related to the issues of concern to these members. The San Francisco chapter of this organization is working to promote awareness of its efforts that they have made towards implementing eco-friendly practices into building management.

The main focus of the efforts that this organization has made in this area has been in developing and supporting quality energy consumption. They provide an education in energy use to the building managers that are a part of the organization. They offer a series of classes for real estate professionals who want to learn how to implement energy-conserving methods without spending a lot of money. They have also lobbied to implement legislation related to improving energy use in buildings using incentive programs and other positive approaches.

One of the best resources that is offered by this organization is an online resource center called The BOMA SF Energy Conservation Resource Center. This is a place where both building owners and tenants can go to get a wealth of information about eco-friendly and energy-saving options that are available to them. Because green real estate is a growing industry, this can be a terrific starting point for new building managers to get in on the ground floor of the movement.