Advertising your Rental Property

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Creative Commons License photo credit: mushroom and rooster

Rental units need renters or they’re not profitable. To get renters you have to advertise and draw people to your property so you can pick and choose from the applicants and always get just the right people.

Use a multi pronged approach to advertising to draw the most people. Try a bunch of different advertising methods in conjunction with each other to maximize your reach.

The standard for rent signs in the lawn are a great way to start. They’re very inexpensive and do the job quite nicely.

Hit the internet and begin your advertising on free sites such as Craig’s List. Then, branch out and try some of the other online rental services. This is a great way to attract people who are just moving to the area, tout your city’s features and highlight the ones closest to your property.

Local newspapers are still your best bet as most locals hit the newspaper before they do anything else. Remember that these people usually know the region and you can tailor your ads to apply to locals. Know your market and your competition and make sure you mention the features that make your rental property unique.

Word of mouth advertising is great and if you’re a good landlord, held in high esteem by your tenants, they can be the best source of advertising out there. Let your tenants know a unit is for rent, they may know people who are looking for change in venue and if your tenants are good it’s likely that their associates, friends, and family will also be good tenants.

But not matter where you get your tenants, make sure you follow the same screening procedures for all of them.