How to be a Good Tenant

Creative Commons License photo credit: nguy1

Being happy in your rented home is obviously important but it doesn’t come automatically when you sign the lease. Being a good tenant improves your chances of having a happy and good living experience. This means being fair and reasonable with your landlord as well as with other renters.

Use the following tips to ensure that you’re a good tenant and you get the best experience possible out of your rental situation.

Peace and Quiet. Noise problems are one of the biggest complaints that fellow renters have and they’ll either report this to your landlord, the police or report it to you directly. To avoid irritating your neighbors, your landlord and possibly getting a fine for disturbing the peace, stay respectfully quiet as much as possible.

Pay your rent on time. It goes without saying, right? Everyone knows to pay their rent on time but not everyone does it. Good tenants pay their rent on time as well as their other bills. Keep on top of your financial obligations and stay in your landlord’s good graces.

Report problems. It may feel as if you’re whining or complaining, but you should report any damages and maintenance problems immediately. Maintenance issues could get out of hand if they’re not promptly reported and repaired. And reporting damages immediately lets your landlord know you’re concerned and not trying to destroy his or her property. Obviously, you don’t want to constantly call with repairs or damage reports but be diligent about real problems.

Be professional. Finally, handle your lease as a business transaction and act in a professional manner, carefully reading and signing all contracts, and returning any phone calls or mail promptly.