Tips on How to make Your Home Standout

Creative Commons License photo credit: OK-59

You have listed a home for sale and it’s not moving. It could just be due to the slow market but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit back and wait for the market to speed up again before you can sell your home. There are things that you can do to improve your listing so that people will want to come take a look at the property that you have for sale. There are also things that you can do to the property to make it stand out from the crowd. By making the effort to do these things, you’ll be able to speed up the sale and generate some revenue from your real estate despite the fact that the housing market isn’t moving as quickly as most people would like.

How To Make Your Home Listing Stand Out

You aren’t going to get any buyers for your property if you can’t even convince people to come look at it. It’s very important that you take the time to make sure that your listing stands out from the others that are being advertised so that you can get the attention of home buyers and get them to consider purchasing the property that you have for sale.

The most important part of the listing that you can improve is the photos that you provide of the house. Here are some basic tips for getting better results by changing and improving your photos:

  • Use a professional to take the pictures.
  • Only use photos that are very clear and where there is great lighting. Exterior shots should be taken in full daylight and interior shots should be done with the lights on and window blinds open.
  • Provide many different photos. People want to see the inside and outside of a home, the front and the back of the property.
  • Scan the picture for flaws. The one cracked tile in the kitchen shouldn’t be what people see in a photo posted in the listing.
  • Get pets and extras out of the photos. People don’t want to see your junk in the pictures so make sure they just get the house and nothing else. Pets in particular can turn people off if they aren’t the kind of folks who live with animals in the home.

In addition to great photos, you want to make sure that you use the power of description when you are writing up a listing for the home. Rely on adjectives that make people feel comfortable and cozy. Your home may be well-lit, spacious, charming … whatever words make sense are the words that you really want to emphasize. You want to compel people to come see this home.

You should get the input of others on the listing. You’ll want to rely on feedback from both professionals and average home buyers so consult your real estate agent as well as some friends who are familiar with the property as to whether or not the listing really reflects the positive qualities of the home.

How To Improve The Property So It Stands Out

Getting people to come to see your property is only half of the battle, though. You need to push them over the edge into a sale and the way that you do that is by following through on the great listing with a great property. Here are some common ways to easily improve your property so that it stands out and gets sold:

  • Clean, clean, clean. The most important thing to the average home buyer is that the property looks nice and a dirty property just doesn’t look nice. Clean the yard, clean the back yard and clean the interior of the home. You may even want to invest in a professional deep cleaning service since this is such an easy but important way to improve the property for sale.
  • Paint. A freshly painted house looks fresh and new and it’s not a fix-up that costs a whole lot of money. You’ll want to pay special attention to painting in the front of the house since many people base their interest in a home on the first impression that they get when they drive up to it.
  • Refresh the hardware of the home. Little things like door knobs don’t cost a lot but they can vastly improve the appearance of a home and help to complete the sale. An old-fashioned style home is more charming with retro hardware whereas a modern home looks particularly up-to-date when new hardware is added.
  • Invest in good lighting. The lighting of a home can really make a difference in how it looks. A dark home looks ominous and unappealing. Overly garish lighting can be too harsh. The right combination of indoor and outdoor lighting with variable “mood” settings can significantly improve the appeal of a home for buyers.

It really is the little things that make the difference between a home sitting on the market for months on end and a home selling quickly despite a slow housing market. Consider tweaking these little things to speed up the sale of your property.