Should You Buy A Project Home

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Creative Commons License photo credit: thingermejig

After just one weekend watching cable TV most people feel they can fix just about everything and are ready to tackle that fixer-upper home. But is this a smart decision?

If you’re incredibly handy, you’ve got disposable income and time, and really want a commitment, then a project home is a great new hobby for you. But, if you’re not actually very handy or knowledgeable about repairs and renovations at all, if you’re a bit klutzy, you have a limited budget, and are very busy, then a home that needs work is probably not exactly the right new project for you.

If you are in the lucky group that has the skills, knowledge, money and time to renovate a home you’re in for some huge disappointments and one incredibly rewarding payoff at the end. Remember that almost nothing in the home is what it seems, there will be more problems behind that wall and under the carpet than you expected and you’re going to want to do the best job you can repairing these low points.

But the final reward in a fixer-upper home is the reward of having done a job right, having done it by yourself, and the incredibly beautiful end result.