How to Choose a Home Inspector

Creative Commons License photo credit: gsf747

It’s time to get the home inspection done for your property. You don’t have a home inspector that you regularly use so you’re in the position of needing to choose a home inspector. How do you go about doing this if it’s not something that you’ve done in the past? What rules should be followed in order to make sure that the home inspector that you choose is a good one?

There are a few basic things that you’re going to want to look for in a home inspector including the work experience and educational experience of the inspector. You’re also going to want to count on recommendations and your gut instinct to get a good home inspector. It’s important that you choose the home inspector who is right for the job so take the time and pay the money to get it right the first time around!

Here are some of the basic tips that you should follow during the process of selecting a home inspector:

  • Get recommendations for a good home inspector but take them with a grain of salt. Many people choose to get a home inspector based on the recommendation of their real estate agent. This may not be the best route to go because these home inspectors may be inclined in favor of offering the results desired by the real estate agent. However, real estate agents do work with a variety of different home inspectors so it’s possible that you may get some great information from your real estate agent. Just remember to review recommendations like these with a balanced look at the criteria you’re seeking in a home inspector.
  • Make sure that you fully understand the licenses certificates needed for being a professional home inspector in your area. You’re going to want to review the education and training that any home inspector has before you choose that inspector. You’re not going to be able to do this if you don’t even know what you are looking for so you have to do your research about this in advance and then make sure to check on this when you are reviewing potential home inspectors.
  • Ask detailed questions about the experience that the home inspector has. Education and training are important but a home inspector only really gets good at what he does when he has had a lot of hands-on experience in the field of doing home inspections. Make sure that the home inspector you choose has years of experience behind him. Consider asking for references to confirm that this was quality experience.
  • Ask detailed questions about the experience that you can inspect when working with the home inspector. The inspector should be willing to provide you with information about the tools that are going to be used to complete the inspection. The inspector should also be able to tell you the basic information about the things that he will look for in each room while completing this inspection. He should be able to answer any questions that you may have or at least be willing to find an answer for you if there are questions that can not be immediately addressed.
  • Choose a home inspector in the mid-range price. It’s not necessary to pay an arm and a leg to get a good home inspection. However, you do often get what you pay for and you should definitely be wary of a home inspector who offers you a quote that’s considerably lower than the others you’ve received. A bad home inspection can cause you serious financial problems down the line so you want to pay for a quality home inspection in advance to save yourself the cost and trouble later.
  • Interview potential home inspectors in person. You may be able to obtain all of the above information from a simple phone call but you’re not going to be able to assess your gut instinct unless you meet the home inspector in person. Whether they come out to the property to speak with you or ask that you come into the office to meet them, you want to make an in-person meeting in advance of choosing the home inspector to make sure that you feel good about the choice before it’s finalized.

It’s not easy to choose the person who is going to be your home inspector. You want to make sure that you take everything that you need to into consideration so that you can choose a great home inspector who will provide all of the accurate information that you need about the home. If you go down this list and make sure you’ve followed these tips, you should be in good shape when choosing your home inspector.