Dealing with a Tenant’s Association

Creative Commons License photo credit: llawliet

If you’re tenants have bonded together and formed a tenant’s association, all is not lost. Your first step as the landlord or the property owner is to take the position of being helpful to the association, don’t let them begin to draw battle lines, you want to try to stay on the same side of most issues.

To stay on the same sides of the issues, you need to find out what their problems are. There’s probably a reason the association was formed in the first place, or several reasons. You want to be proactive and approach them to find out what their issues are rather than let them ambush you.

Then, let your tenants know you care by handling their biggest problem immediately. Don’t both to explain why you can’t do it, just do it. After that you can tackle other problems with a more diplomatic approach but it’s really time for you to prove that you care about them and are willing to work with them to make their living situation more enjoyable.

If you’re not willing to pay attention to their problems you can expect to have continual problems from the group. The complaints may quickly go from valid to petty and you may end up losing tenants and facing lawsuits.? So the best solution is to work with your tenant’s association.